As optical people (see: people who interact with glasses everyday), there are few frames in the world that we would call truly unique. If you have been looking through trays of glasses like my mum has for 30 years, you will tend to agree. So amidst the current era of “black”/”tortoiseshell”/”rectangular”/”round”/”plastic” frames, theo is truly a breath of fresh air (or helium) because look:

This photo alone is enough to showcase the vibrancy and individuality characteristic of theo frames. They have mastered the art of creating these wild-looking glasses that constantly redefine our expectations yet prove incredibly wearable at the same time. If you are thinking about how these seem to be made exclusively for extroverts, over the years we’ve found they can help lend more reserved individuals a subtle way of revealing their personalities…

We won’t bore you with an origins story, you can read all about Antwerp-based, family-run theo here, while popping balloons (volume up!) and fiddling with their nifty time machine. A gallery of their current collection + inspiration behind each model can also be found here.

If you like what you see, we are running a rare sale on past season theo frames, with 30-50% off selected models that have yet to find a face to frame. Otherwise, feel free to browse their new collection, now available in store!