If you find yourself constantly tilting your head just to get a good focal point through your reading glasses, this will be news for you. French vision health pioneer, Essilor, has finally released its cutting edge Varilux X series progressive lenses in Singapore! These lenses are enhanced with clusters of vision nanooptix elements that can accommodate multiple gaze directions, enabling the wearer to switch between multiple near distances smoothly.

Touted as an innovation that ‘sets presbyopes free’, each pair of lenses is further customised through a simple test that captures the wearer’s unique reading behaviour, allowing them to navigate near and distance vision in the most natural way.

Launched last July in Europe, 95% of new wearers polled were satisfied with their glasses.

The Varilux X series lens with new XtendTM technology is now available exclusively at Kwong Shin before it launches islandwide in April.