Silhouette is not your average trend-driven eyewear brand. The Austrian eyewear maker has been designing and producing innovative, technically brilliant eyewear since 1964.

Their iconic Titan Minimal Art (TMA) series weigh less than 2 grams each and was selected by NASA to be used by their astronauts in space. This not only due to its lightness and how it is devoid of hinge screws, but because of the unyielding reliability of its eyewear components.

Silhouette frames are also highly customisable—you can combine your choice of temple colour with any lens shape you can dream up of to create something truly unique. The same temple and bridge set was used to create over 18 different looks, as modelled in the video above.

For those who are not fans of the rimless look, Silhouette has come up with slim, full-framed alternatives that are just as light and comfortable. See: Urban NEO and Urban LITE (featured in the video below).

Since 1999, Silhouette has sold over 15 million pairs of frames and this number continues to grow. It might be difficult to understand its appeal without trying on a pair and experiencing it for yourself.

So make sure you do the next time you visit Kwong Shin! 🙂