Shape Of The Shades: Micro-Angular

I recently read about the term ‘micro-angular’ in the March issue of V Magazine, describing it as one of the eyewear trends of 2018. I love how it aptly describes all these edgy, divergent frames I have been seeing perched on the noses of Gigi Hadid, Leandra Medine, Chriselle Lim and the like all year!

Gigi Hadid’s second collection for Vogue Eyewear is all about the micro-angular trend. Credit: Vogue Eyewear

Also known as matrix shades, named after the 1999 sci-fi hit, The Matrix, it seems the aesthetic future the show dreamed up then has indeed arrived. We leave you with photos of our favourite looks (featuring a special guest at the end!) and you decide if it’s for you!

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A new dawn for progXssive lenses

If you find yourself constantly tilting your head just to get a good focal point through your reading glasses, this will be news for you. French vision health pioneer, Essilor, has finally released its cutting edge Varilux X series progressive lenses in Singapore! These lenses are enhanced with clusters of vision nanooptix elements that can accommodate multiple gaze directions, enabling the wearer to switch between multiple near distances smoothly.

Touted as an innovation that ‘sets presbyopes free’, each pair of lenses is further customised through a simple test that captures the wearer’s unique reading behaviour, allowing them to navigate near and distance vision in the most natural way.

Launched last July in Europe, 95% of new wearers polled were satisfied with their glasses.

The Varilux X series lens with new XtendTM technology is now available exclusively at Kwong Shin before it launches islandwide in April.


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Return of the glasses, starring Oprah Winfrey

Earlier this week at the Golden Globes’, Oprah Winfrey delivered a rousing speech that sent rumours of her presidential candidacy into overdrive. She was receiving the annual Cecile B. Demille Award for her “outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment”. If you have yet to catch up, you can read the full transcript here.

Credit: INSTARImages

The #MeToo movement she speaks of has also caught wind in Singapore, with everyday heroes coming forward to share their experiences. We will leave it to the publications to expound on the impact and significance of her speech but we all have Oprah to thank for delivering a powerful response to round out a season of courage.

Call us opportunistic but what we really want to discuss here is:

  1. The fact that she wore glasses to the Golden Globes’
  2. How well those glasses suited her

Her fans and keener observers however will know that Oprah always loved statement eyewear. Case in point: this lovely article on her website detailing her best pieces, and this one demonstrating her ability to match them with her outfits. As someone who wears contact lenses whenever I want to look ‘presentable’—which is basically every time I leave the house—glasses were always more functional than fashionable. Sure, I still make an effort to choose a nice pair of glasses. But thinking of prescription glasses as an accessory to dress up outfits? As something to wear confidently instead of hide behind? That’s both game-changing and inspiring.

Oprah was empowering in more ways than one for us and we hope you takeaway a little something as well!

N.B. The glasses Oprah wore to the Golden Globes’ are likely a bespoke pair from L.A. based luxury eyewear label, Luxuriator.

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